Four eco-warriors you need to know about…

We absolutely love hearing stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things for our planet. It inspires us to press on with our own mission and gives us hope for the future. We hope these change-makers will inspire you to thread a little more gently and consume a little more consciously – after all, the health of our planet depends on it.

Tim Silverwood.

Photo of Time Silverwood by the ocean

Tim Silverwood, Bondi surfer and ocean guardian, is the founder and CEO of Take 3 For The Sea. Take 3 is an initiative aimed at creating small, manageable changes in behaviour, that, when multiplied by the masses, will have a lasting impact. The name of this not-for-profit organisation explains its mission – take three (or more) pieces of rubbish from the beach or ocean, every time you leave. Take 3 estimates that their global community now extends to around 150,000 people around the world who have, together, removed more than 2 million pieces of plastic from our shores. You might recognise Tim’s story from the award winning eco-documentary, Blue, where he featured alongside some other heavyweight environmentalists.

Harriet Spark.

Photo of harriet spark and a turtle underwater
Harriet spearheaded the incredible environmental initiative, Operation Straw. The project aims to tackle the huge problem of plastic pollution in our oceans by starting with one seemingly inconsequential item – the plastic straw. Part of Operation Straw involves a fun yet eye-opening activity called “strawkeling”, which takes place on Sydney’s northern beaches. Participants snorkel around Manly while gathering up the many hundreds of straws that collect in and around the cove. In doing so, they not only reduce plastic pollution, but also gather important data about…

Brianne West.

Brianne is the woman behind cult beauty brand, Ethique, a New Zealand based business that creates “beauty bars”. These compact bars are made using totally natural ingredients and are intended to replace bottled shampoo, conditioner and soap – and they actually work! From humble beginnings, Ethique has now prevented more than 400,000 cosmetic bottles from entering into landfill. Ethique is also certified climate neutral and uses planet-friendly ingredients that are drain safe. At Roocreate, we had the pleasure of working with Ethique to create a fully biodegradable Advent Calendar. You can check out the project here.

Suzanne Haddon.

Last, but certainly not least, is our very own Founder & Director, Suzanne. Suzanne is a true ocean-lover who is passionate about marrying excellent design with slick and sustainable packaging. Suzanne is deeply passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and has made it her mission to help brands do the same – which is exactly why she founded RooCreate! By offering unique packaging solutions for businesses, and simple yet sustainable experiences for consumers, Suzanne is shaping the future of our planet, one biodegradable clamshell at a time.

As Margaret Mead famously said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has’. Do you know an environmental activist or everyday eco-warrior who inspires you to live a more sustainable life? Let us know in the comments below!

The fundamentals of design

Fundamentals of Design

The fundamentals of design

Milton Glaser once said, “good design doesn’t date, bad design does”.

Glaser was not mistaken. Not only do we see bad design go as quickly as it comes, we are reminded that good design is a staple of our every day life, becoming a memorable identity. Fundamentals of design come down to the smallest of elements. Dots, lines, shapes and forms come together to create elemental design, however an understanding of how these elements coincide with each other is essential. A dot can have an underlying meaning, while a shape can be playful and whimsical, all depending on the desired outcome.

Fundamentals of design within packaging

Adding patterns, textures and colours contributes to an entirely new dimension to a design. Patterns and textures represent depth and help differentiate between elements, while colours express emotions and feelings, altering the way the viewer perceived and interprets the design.

Further more, package design requires unity, which can be achieved through laws of interactions.

These are a series of tools that gives designers the power to alter visual elements of a design, which plays a vital role in how a viewer recognises certain components and comprehends the information relayed. This may include contrasting points, item position, depth, dimensions and perspectives.

Great design evolves around understanding the fundamental principles of design. It becomes living and transcends trends. It may take years for a designer to fully understand and successfully apply fundamental principles of design. At RooCreate, we track down the great design thinkers to provide you with only the best design capabilities available for your brand.

Eco design in the beauty industry

RooCreate labels

The latest beauty trend is nothing you have seen before. It doesn’t involve a new colour palette, a bold lipstick or a rejuvenating face mask, but rather all about eco design. Beauty has rarely focused on sustainability issues with either product ingredients or packaging. However, with a growing demand for eco design and beauty, companies have discovered the benefits of becoming eco-friendly, and brands are jumping on board.

Eco design on the rise

The use of plastic is the main culprit in the industry. Most of the products you see in stores are wrapped in plastics, tubes and bottles made from plastic, and quickly thrown in the trash once used up. A bottle you might use for 6 months will then take 1000 years to break down!  (

Recently, Estee Lauder set up guidelines to implement sustainable packaging across some of their most popular brands. The company believes that eco design throughout their packaging can meet the requirements of design and usability, and that this shift in material is not a hindrance, but an opportunity of responsibility. (

Making a difference

With a surge of “green” beauty brands coming on the market, there is a clear indication that the public likes what they see, and believe in the sustainability that they purchase. Not only is this a great factor for boosting sales, but also the public’s impression of the brand itself. Consumers care about the planet more than ever, which makes it the perfect time for brands to make a difference.

At RooCreate, we can help your beauty products reach the market in a sustainable and progressive matter, addressing environmental issues whilst giving the public what they want.


Breaking the cycle of business waste

Breaking the cycle of business waste

At RooCreate, we’re dedicated to help people adopt eco-friendly practices in order to break the cycle of business waste. More and more businesses are discovering ways to make a difference, whether it’s in their own office or across an entire company. The easiest way to start is cutting down on office waste.

The first step to reducing waste in businesses is knowing exactly how much waste is produced. More than half of businesses in Australia don’t record how much they waste, which is something that needs to be addressed. And while some businesses have taken steps to minimise their waste, there is still a long way to go.

We’ve gathered some easy solutions to start cutting down on your waste, but also encouraging others to follow suit. While not all of these might apply to your business, we suggest creating your own initiatives and goals to cutting down waste.

1. Get educated

Know what waste is and where to throw it. More than half of businesses don’t keep a record of their waste, meaning that they have no indication of possible improvements. While most people see it as common knowledge to recycle and compost, it is never bad practice to educate staff about the importance of doing it correctly.

2. Introduce change

About 93% of leftover coffee and coffee cups end up in the landfill, which means that there is a long way to go for businesses. If your office or building has a coffee machine or coffee shop, consider implementing reusable cups and mugs instead of take-away cups. Giving discounts to reusable cup holders can also be a great incentive to customers.

3. Eco Actions

Set up protocols in your office that aim to limit waste, such as reusing folders, clips and covers, reduce printing on paper, and switching to eco-friendly paper, materials and office equipment.

You can find a handy how-to sheet on your local government’s website.

Adopting sustainable business policies will help improve public perception of your company, but also motivate staff members, making them feel that they are working towards a worthy cause. Need help? Contact RooCreate or check out our handy eco factsheets to get going.


Introduction to eco-package design

About Eco Packaging
Introduction to eco-package design

RooCreate is passionate about the environment and eco package design, and we are proud to convert that passion into action. Through our unique online platform, we are proud to offer businesses around the world the opportunity to invest in the environment, as well as boost their business.

What is eco package design?

Sustainable packaging can be confusing, particularly seeing that there is no strict definition or criteria to what sustainable packaging is.

Our aim is to simplify this process, making it easy, affordable and accessible to everyone. We want to ensure that while we tackle sustainability issues, businesses are not suffering, which is why our solution is extraordinary.

RooCreate strongly believes that design does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of the environment, and that both can go hand-in-hand.

Our eco process

The process is simple. Take our interactive quiz to narrow down your project requirements, which also gives us an insight into your business and brand identity. From there, we collaborate together to create the ideal design for your product packaging, whilst utilising the perfect eco-material. At RooCreate, you’ll have the choice between several eco-materials, meaning you won’t be stuck with a boring, brown box. We will work with you throughout the way, ensuring that the end result is impeccable. Following the final design, we will even assist with the entire printing and supply process from our chosen manufacturers.

Eco package design is vital for products and RooCreate understands the tight timeline and small budgets of companies. Our belief is that all businesses can change their habits and start adopting sustainable methods to not only save the planet, but also grow their business.

Take a leap into eco-package design and discover what it can do for your business and products.