Sustainable graphic design methods to invest in

Sustainable graphic design methods to invest in

As package designers, we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainable graphic design methods. Whether it be to improve how our offices function to the way we print our products. In addition to educating our clients and suppliers, we also want to offer them the very best of every product and service. For us, this means aiming for a 100% eco-friendly environment.

Are you a design company? We’ve got a couple of easy steps to boost your sustainability measures and create a real difference in your business.

Sustainable office space

We are big fans of eco-friendly measures in the office that encourage everybody to participate and make a difference. While there are many measures to take, for instance recycling, composting and re-use, how about tackling some of the bigger issues. Are you a big AC fan? There are more effective and sustainable methods to cool down or heat up your office space. Consider swapping to solar heating, which is a great and easy option to fuel your household or office space.

Printing processes

Whether it be cutting down on your printing needs, the processes of printing can become more eco-friendly. Many inks and solvents can be toxic to the environmental as a polluter. Others can contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and barium., which can have consequences on health, as well as the environment. It might be wise to invest in eco-friendly printing ink and solvents, which will be well received from clients and suppliers.

Giving back

Here at RooCreate, we want to emphasise on giving back to our community. There are some great community efforts and organisations that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Fifteen Trees plants a tree in your name to offset your emissions. We are also big supporters of Clean Up Australia and their yearly clean up day, as well as Keep Australia Beautiful for their efforts to educate communities.