Creating Eco-Friendly Packaging for Sydney and beyond

Eco friendly gift packaging, Sydney
RooCreate is an eco-friendly packaging company, headquartered south of Sydney, Australia.

RooCreate provides eco-friendly packaging in Sydney, as well as all over Australia, the US and beyond.

After its successful launch in 2018, RooCreate has seen tremendous growth. The first year of the company has seen the production of eco-packaging for both local and global brands in the food and clothing industries.

At the helm of RooCreate is our founder and creative director, Suzanne Haddon. Suzanne’s palpable love for the environment fuels her decisions and actions, in and out of the office. 

“I believe a hundred percent in helping the environment and doing amazing design, and I think the two can meet in the middle,” Suzanne says.

Tracing Roo’s Roots: How RooCreate Came to Be

Suzanne Haddon, founder RooCreate
RooCreate Founder and Creative Director, Suzanne Haddon

Resulting from her 25 years of work in the creative industries as an advertising and brand strategy maven, Suzanne saw how crucial it is for businesses to improve their product design to minimise their ecological footprint. 

Reaching for the chance to improve her own industry, Suzanne established RooCreate with one mission in mind: to eliminate waste. At RooCreate, we want to make it easier for businesses to make smart, simple and sustainable choices for their packaging.

Being eco doesn’t have to mean compromising on design. As a leading packaging agency serving Wollongong and Sydney clients, our team has extensive knowledge in working with recycled and biodegradable packaging.  

Custom printed eco-friendly mailer boxes Sydney
RooCreate desires to encourage businesses to help curb the waste problem in Australia.

What’s It Like Working at the Roo

RooCreate is a team of creative individuals with a passion for sustainable design and helping the environment.

RooCreate enjoys it’s Wollongong lifestyle, being located 90 minutes south of Sydney. When we are not busy creating eco-friendly packaging, our team focusses on its work-life balance. Since a fresh approach is needed towards every project we deliver, it is important to keep our creative juices flowing.

Likewise, Suzanne exemplifies it in her daily ritual – priming her mind and body to take on the day. Before facing a wave of workload, she heads out on a dawn patrol.

“I get up everyday at 5:30 in the morning. I check surf — I go out and surf. Making sure that I make the time, as it is so important to me. It gets you moving and motivated,” Suzanne shares. 

Riding the waves and greeting the first break of light in the morning amps up her vigour and creativity as she heads to the RooCreate headquarters. “I come in and I just start hitting the list. We dish everything up and then I take a favourite project that I will take through to the whole process.”

Similarly, Suzanne’s mentorship of her team at RooCreate helps everyone unleash their potential through various projects. 

“I love teaching and I love inspiring. I love getting the team to the next level. They see it as well and I give them a lot of encouragement and belief in their work. For me, I come in and say, ‘Yep, love it! Change that.’ ‘How can we make this better?’ We come in and we try to figure out a way that it can keep moving,” Suzanne explains. 

While working with her team, Suzanne’s fresh approach to open communication allows everyone on the team to hone their skills. We always strive for excellence to achieve personal development and client satisfaction. 

Getting stated: Creating an Eco-Packaging with RooCreate

RooCreate desires to lead more businesses to the path of increasing sustainability. From conceptualizing product branding and design, designing pouches and labels, or manufacturing eco-friendly packaging (boxes or bags), our packaging design experts are ready to help you with your project. Our packaging design inspirations can guide you in creating the final design that best resonates with your brand identity. 

First, if you’re thinking about starting your own packaging project you will need to consider the item you’re packaging. Will it get wet? Does it touch food. Next, you will need to consider the size and weight of the item. Will you be sending the item through the mail?

These are all questions our packaging experts will walk you through to make sure you are creating the right packaging for your business.

Whether your business is located in Sydney or located further abroad, RooCreate is here for you. Our friendly team is ready to help you make the switch to eco-friendly pacakaging.

Let’s start a conversation about your project!

Sustainable graphic design methods to invest in

Sustainable graphic design methods to invest in

As package designers, we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainable graphic design methods. Whether it be to improve how our offices function to the way we print our products. In addition to educating our clients and suppliers, we also want to offer them the very best of every product and service. For us, this means aiming for a 100% eco-friendly environment.

Are you a design company? We’ve got a couple of easy steps to boost your sustainability measures and create a real difference in your business.

Sustainable office space

We are big fans of eco-friendly measures in the office that encourage everybody to participate and make a difference. While there are many measures to take, for instance recycling, composting and re-use, how about tackling some of the bigger issues. Are you a big AC fan? There are more effective and sustainable methods to cool down or heat up your office space. Consider swapping to solar heating, which is a great and easy option to fuel your household or office space.

Printing processes

Whether it be cutting down on your printing needs, the processes of printing can become more eco-friendly. Many inks and solvents can be toxic to the environmental as a polluter. Others can contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and barium., which can have consequences on health, as well as the environment. It might be wise to invest in eco-friendly printing ink and solvents, which will be well received from clients and suppliers.

Giving back

Here at RooCreate, we want to emphasise on giving back to our community. There are some great community efforts and organisations that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Fifteen Trees plants a tree in your name to offset your emissions. We are also big supporters of Clean Up Australia and their yearly clean up day, as well as Keep Australia Beautiful for their efforts to educate communities.


The secret behind great branding


The secret behind great branding

Great design creates great brands, one impossible without the other. Your brand is the face of your business, the book cover that echoes your values and purposes. What makes a brand recognisable or memorable is the design process behind it. There is a science behind well-known brands. They offer an immediate impression and often bring back a fond memory, connecting to consumers on an emotional and personal level.

A brand has three aspects to it. The first aspect is the emotional connection that deals with the way a consumer considers a particular brand. The second is the visual aspect, which signifies how well the consumer identifies with the company. The third part is accompanies by the logo, where all aspects intersect and form an image identified to the brand.

The Starbucks Coffee Company is the perfect example of a brand that epitomises the commercial use of their logo. It is recognised around the world and immediately brings a certain “feeling” with consumers. The secret behind their success is their brand identity.

The first step to a successful brand is creating a logo that represents the brand identity inside and out. The logo needs to resonate not only to the company itself, but to its customer. If you lack a connection with your consumers, you will struggle to achieve a consumer basis. Before you start your brand journey, carefully consider all of the elements that come together to form your brand. For most businesses, the struggle is finding out where to start. Having access to expert design advice will assist you with this journey and get you on the right path.

The fundamentals of design

Fundamentals of Design

The fundamentals of design

Milton Glaser once said, “good design doesn’t date, bad design does”.

Glaser was not mistaken. Not only do we see bad design go as quickly as it comes, we are reminded that good design is a staple of our every day life, becoming a memorable identity. Fundamentals of design come down to the smallest of elements. Dots, lines, shapes and forms come together to create elemental design, however an understanding of how these elements coincide with each other is essential. A dot can have an underlying meaning, while a shape can be playful and whimsical, all depending on the desired outcome.

Fundamentals of design within packaging

Adding patterns, textures and colours contributes to an entirely new dimension to a design. Patterns and textures represent depth and help differentiate between elements, while colours express emotions and feelings, altering the way the viewer perceived and interprets the design.

Further more, package design requires unity, which can be achieved through laws of interactions.

These are a series of tools that gives designers the power to alter visual elements of a design, which plays a vital role in how a viewer recognises certain components and comprehends the information relayed. This may include contrasting points, item position, depth, dimensions and perspectives.

Great design evolves around understanding the fundamental principles of design. It becomes living and transcends trends. It may take years for a designer to fully understand and successfully apply fundamental principles of design. At RooCreate, we track down the great design thinkers to provide you with only the best design capabilities available for your brand.

Eco design in the beauty industry

RooCreate labels

The latest beauty trend is nothing you have seen before. It doesn’t involve a new colour palette, a bold lipstick or a rejuvenating face mask, but rather all about eco design. Beauty has rarely focused on sustainability issues with either product ingredients or packaging. However, with a growing demand for eco design and beauty, companies have discovered the benefits of becoming eco-friendly, and brands are jumping on board.

Eco design on the rise

The use of plastic is the main culprit in the industry. Most of the products you see in stores are wrapped in plastics, tubes and bottles made from plastic, and quickly thrown in the trash once used up. A bottle you might use for 6 months will then take 1000 years to break down!  (

Recently, Estee Lauder set up guidelines to implement sustainable packaging across some of their most popular brands. The company believes that eco design throughout their packaging can meet the requirements of design and usability, and that this shift in material is not a hindrance, but an opportunity of responsibility. (

Making a difference

With a surge of “green” beauty brands coming on the market, there is a clear indication that the public likes what they see, and believe in the sustainability that they purchase. Not only is this a great factor for boosting sales, but also the public’s impression of the brand itself. Consumers care about the planet more than ever, which makes it the perfect time for brands to make a difference.

At RooCreate, we can help your beauty products reach the market in a sustainable and progressive matter, addressing environmental issues whilst giving the public what they want.


Introduction to eco-package design

About Eco Packaging
Introduction to eco-package design

RooCreate is passionate about the environment and eco package design, and we are proud to convert that passion into action. Through our unique online platform, we are proud to offer businesses around the world the opportunity to invest in the environment, as well as boost their business.

What is eco package design?

Sustainable packaging can be confusing, particularly seeing that there is no strict definition or criteria to what sustainable packaging is.

Our aim is to simplify this process, making it easy, affordable and accessible to everyone. We want to ensure that while we tackle sustainability issues, businesses are not suffering, which is why our solution is extraordinary.

RooCreate strongly believes that design does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of the environment, and that both can go hand-in-hand.

Our eco process

The process is simple. Take our interactive quiz to narrow down your project requirements, which also gives us an insight into your business and brand identity. From there, we collaborate together to create the ideal design for your product packaging, whilst utilising the perfect eco-material. At RooCreate, you’ll have the choice between several eco-materials, meaning you won’t be stuck with a boring, brown box. We will work with you throughout the way, ensuring that the end result is impeccable. Following the final design, we will even assist with the entire printing and supply process from our chosen manufacturers.

Eco package design is vital for products and RooCreate understands the tight timeline and small budgets of companies. Our belief is that all businesses can change their habits and start adopting sustainable methods to not only save the planet, but also grow their business.

Take a leap into eco-package design and discover what it can do for your business and products.