The secret behind great branding


The secret behind great branding

Great design creates great brands, one impossible without the other. Your brand is the face of your business, the book cover that echoes your values and purposes. What makes a brand recognisable or memorable is the design process behind it. There is a science behind well-known brands. They offer an immediate impression and often bring back a fond memory, connecting to consumers on an emotional and personal level.

A brand has three aspects to it. The first aspect is the emotional connection that deals with the way a consumer considers a particular brand. The second is the visual aspect, which signifies how well the consumer identifies with the company. The third part is accompanies by the logo, where all aspects intersect and form an image identified to the brand.

The Starbucks Coffee Company is the perfect example of a brand that epitomises the commercial use of their logo. It is recognised around the world and immediately brings a certain “feeling” with consumers. The secret behind their success is their brand identity.

The first step to a successful brand is creating a logo that represents the brand identity inside and out. The logo needs to resonate not only to the company itself, but to its customer. If you lack a connection with your consumers, you will struggle to achieve a consumer basis. Before you start your brand journey, carefully consider all of the elements that come together to form your brand. For most businesses, the struggle is finding out where to start. Having access to expert design advice will assist you with this journey and get you on the right path.