Eco design in the beauty industry

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The latest beauty trend is nothing you have seen before. It doesn’t involve a new colour palette, a bold lipstick or a rejuvenating face mask, but rather all about eco design. Beauty has rarely focused on sustainability issues with either product ingredients or packaging. However, with a growing demand for eco design and beauty, companies have discovered the benefits of becoming eco-friendly, and brands are jumping on board.

Eco design on the rise

The use of plastic is the main culprit in the industry. Most of the products you see in stores are wrapped in plastics, tubes and bottles made from plastic, and quickly thrown in the trash once used up. A bottle you might use for 6 months will then take 1000 years to break down!  (

Recently, Estee Lauder set up guidelines to implement sustainable packaging across some of their most popular brands. The company believes that eco design throughout their packaging can meet the requirements of design and usability, and that this shift in material is not a hindrance, but an opportunity of responsibility. (

Making a difference

With a surge of “green” beauty brands coming on the market, there is a clear indication that the public likes what they see, and believe in the sustainability that they purchase. Not only is this a great factor for boosting sales, but also the public’s impression of the brand itself. Consumers care about the planet more than ever, which makes it the perfect time for brands to make a difference.

At RooCreate, we can help your beauty products reach the market in a sustainable and progressive matter, addressing environmental issues whilst giving the public what they want.